Introducing the Trolls Mineez 5 Figure Pack – a delightful collection that brings the world of DreamWorks Trolls Band Together to life in miniature! These adorable mini collectible toy figures capture all the charm, color, and fun of your child's favorite Trolls characters.

The Brozone + Friends Performance Pack is a special edition set that features eleven 1.5" Mineez figures. But there's even more excitement in store – there's also one mystery surprise figure hidden inside the pack for collectors to unbox!

As part of the Trolls Mineez collection, you'll have the chance to collect over 100 different Trolls figurines, each with its own awesome look, finish, and, in some cases, real hair. This includes rare, ultra rare, and limited edition figures, adding an element of surprise and discovery to your collection.

The Brozone + Friends Performance Pack also includes a surprise accessory that the Mineez can use in their imaginative adventures. Whether you're new to the Trolls universe or a dedicated fan, the Trolls Mineez 5 Figure Pack is a fantastic way to immerse yourself in the world of Trolls. Celebrate friendship, music, and happiness with characters like Poppy, Branch, and their delightful companions, as you collect, play, and enjoy the magic of Trolls.