Are our products AUTHENTIC ?? 

Yes, DEFINITELY!!! We 100% guarantee that everything we sell are 100% OFFICIALLY LICENSED products!
We are proud to say that we have been the OFFICIAL DISTRIBUTOR for Good Smile Company (Japan's leading Anime figures Manufacturer) since 2009! We are not just their Partner Shop, we are the actual Official Australian Distributor for them.

Please see: https://partner.goodsmile.info/support/eng/distributors/
Both owners (Hansen & Brad), as well as the staff we employ, are avid Anime, Gaming and Pop Culture collectors. We all have a deep love for the products and will never  knowingly sell any fake material. We Guarantee our Anime Products and all our Anime products are sourced from Japan. We have hosted “how to spot a fake figure” and have a video of the day on youtube ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i24yDmQKWY8&t=776s ). Our famous markets, that we host, at our Abbotsford store, what we demand the most from the sellers is that everything is authentic. You can buy with confidence that any Anime product bought from our stores will be AUTHENTIC !!!


Which Store should I visit ???

- Our Abbotsford store has two sections :-

the front section is filled with toys suitable for ages 4 to 13 and Pop Culture related items for ages 4 to 100.

the back section is filled with Anime goodies, and just like the Anime shops in Japan, is jam packed, you will find lots of Anime Figures 2, 3 or 4 deep …. you could spend hours in there and still not see all the Anime. 

we also have a driveway and back area that we host - Anime Markets (3 times a year), Beyblade Tournaments (every Tuesday of school holidays and some Sundays), Handball Tournaments (all aged) (on Sundays during school holidays and some Sundays) and a host of other gatherings (Pokemon days, Nerf days, Lego days and anything else that we think maybe entertaining)


- Our Haymarket store is a 100% Japanese Anime store (and is beautiful !! ) filled from floor to ceiling with Anime Goodness. The staff know everything in and out about Anime and are always there for a chat. This is our showcase shop, we truly hope that you will like it.


If the item you seek is not at the shop you would like to visit - give us a couple of days notice and we will transfer it there, it will be waiting for you.


How to get to our stores ???

How to get to Abbotsford - (near Five Dock)

From the city -

504 bus near Kinokuniya (IT WILL HAVE “CHISWICK” DISPLAYED) (about 15 minutes or so)

438 bus from Railway Square (IT WILL HAVE “ABBOTSFORD” DISPLAYED) (about 40 minutes or so)

from Burwood or Strathfield Train Stations -

415 bus close to stations (IT WILL HAVE “CHISWICK” DISPLAYED) (about 20 to 15 minutes)

Closest train station is Croydon, but it is far away 

We also are a 15 minute walk or 3 minute bus ride from either Abbotsford or Chiswick ferry stops.

Abbotsford - catch the 438 bus

Chiswick - either the 415 or 504


OR - there is plenty of free street parking around the shop.



How to get to Haymarket - (near Railway Square and Chinatown)

Bus - any bus that goes to Railway Square - disembark and head to Quay street - we are 3 minutes down the road

Tram (from Kingsford or Randwick) - Get off at the Chinatown station and head towards the Prince Centre.

Tram (from Dulwich Hill) - get off at the Darling Walk station and head towards the UTS clock building.

Train - either Town Hall (6 minutes) or Central Station (10 minutes) and head towards Chinatown.

We are on the first floor (right at the escalator) of the famous “dumpling building” - PRINCE CENTRE

Car - Parking is across the road from us at 187 Thomas Street (but is quite expensive)


How can i get a job, there ??

We have Brad & Hansen, the owners and 5 part-time staff. Whenever we do get a vacancy, which is not often, we will endeavour to advertise on our facebook pages. 


Do we buy second hand goods  ??

We only sell brand new goods and we don’t buy from the public. We host 3 Markets a year, so that you may try and sell your second hand (yes, even if it not opened) goods. However, it is hard to reserve a table at the markets, as the markets are so very popular. Markets are usually 3 times a year - normally April, August and November.


Where is my Pre-Order, I have been waiting a long time to receive them ??

Pre-order is different from back order, a lot of people get this confused. Pre-order means that the manufacturer is still making the actual item, meaning that they are in the process of making them, while back order means that the item is already available, we just need to order it in.

Think of it as when you are pre-ordering the next Gaming Console, they received your order early so when the actual product is ready, you are guaranteed your copy. It is exactly the same with anime figures. The manufacturer usually announces their future release products 6 to 12 months early. Then they start accepting orders from customers, once the item is ready, we will contact you and you will receive your copy.

We are not holding off on sending your order, we are as much waiting for them to finish making them as you are waiting to receive the product.

Unfortunately, delays are common in pre-order items. Especially during this global pandemic that we are experiencing right now.

1. The factories were ordered to close for 4 months last year due to the outbreak overseas, this has resulted in a huge backlog of productions that they need to catch up on.
2. Japan has stopped all cargo shipping by air, all of our shipments have to come by sea, which takes an extra 2 months.
3. Sydney Port is heavily congested due to the large amount of shipments that come by sea.

Unfortunately, all these factors above have caused an extra delay on the arrival of preorders items.