Meet Trolls Mineez! All your child's favorite characters from DreamWorks Trolls Band Together are now Mineez! Cute mini collectible toy figures that capture all the charm, color and fun of these lovable characters! The Brozone and Friends Performance Pack contains eleven 1.5 inch Mineez figures, including the all the figs in the Brozone Boy Band! These exclusive Mineez figures are only available in this special Performance Pack. Ten Mineez are visible in the pack plus there is also 1 mystery surprise figure for collectors to unbox! Collect over 100 different Trolls figurines with awesome looks, finishes and even some with real hair, including rare, ultra rare and limited editions! Kids will love building up their collection with the Brozone and Friends Performance Pack. Maybe they will find a HairRageous Troll with real hair! The Brozone and Friends Performance Pack also includes 1 surprise accessory for the Mineez to use. Children will want to seek, find and collect them all! Trolls Mineez will win the hearts of Trolls fans - new and old as they sing, dance and be happy (just like Trolls do) with Poppy, Branch and all their friends!