The hunt for real GOLD dipped Treasure continues with the new Treasure X Sunken Gold - Shark’s Treasure! As you break open and unbox the new Dark Iron Armoured Tiger Shark, what secrets of the deep will reveal themselves? Begin the 16 levels of adventure by taking the bottled shark off its display stand and cracking it apart with your dagger! Rescue your new Exclusive Iron Finished Treasure Hunter from the jaws of the shark! Then dissect the shark to discover tools and weapons that will transform it into a “Battle Shark” so that the Treasure Hunter can ride the shark and fire off his torpedoes! Time to reveal what’s in the chest! What amazing Treasures will emerge and float out from the fizzing Treasure chest when you drop into water?  There are 4 Glow-in-the-Dark Treasures to find! Plus, there is a one in 8 chance to find REAL Dipped gold Treasure? What will you discover?
What's Inside:1 x Bottle Vessel & Stand 1 x Character 1 x Fizz Tablet 1 x Harpoon Launcher 1 x Map/ Collectors Guide 1 x Saddle & Handlebar Accessory 1 x Shark 1 x Slime 1 x Tool 1 x Treasure 1 x Treasure Chest 1 x Weapon