The Ninja Turtles are getting super-sized for a totally rad new line of 1/4 scale action figures by NECA, kicking off the series with the sai-wielding Raphael.

Based on the classic cartoon series, which ran between 1987 to 1996 and introduced the turtles as four wise-cracking, pizza-loving heroes-in-a-half-shell, Raph stands at over 16” tall and features nearly 30 points of articulation for heaps of action-packed posing options.

Raph also features an interchangeable head to show his cool but tough personality, and comes equipped with his trademark dual sais, plus extra hands, slices of pizza, and a wicked high-tech turtle communicator that opens and closes.

Prepare to face The Foot with the Raphael 1/4 Scale Action Figure in your TMNT collection!


15 whole inches !!!!!