Chase the Cat/Lindsay the Leopard  --------- FLIP A MALLOW !!!! TURNS INSIDE-OUT !!!!

Squishmallows are the adorably soft, marshmallow-like plushies that you need in your life. Made by Kellytoys to be the most huggable cuddle buddies around, they’re even machine washable to ensure they’re always ready for a long flight or road trip. 

The Flip-A-Mallows line features fun reversible plushies, giving you two lovable characters in every plush! Simply flip the Flip-A-Mallow inside out and swap between your favourite cuddly critters any time you like.

Chase loves camping, canoes, and capture the flag. Every summer he goes on a trip with his Squishmallow Scouts group and they have a blast, last year it was Chase that found the opposing team’s flag! If you love the outdoors then Chase is the cat for you.

You've met Regan, the king of hip hop, now is your chance to meet Lindsay, the QUEEN. This spunky leopard has moves and style unlike any other mallow, music is what keeps Lindsay going. Whether she's having a good day or a bad one, she lets the music talk for her and speaks and dances whatever is on her mind.