Relive the horror of Silent Hill 2 with this terrifying Red Pyramid Thing 18” Statue by First 4 Figures.

Also known as "Pyramid Head", the Red Pyramid Thing made its horrifying debut in Silent Hill 2 and scared the hell out of players of the iconic video game series with its massive pyramid-shaped metal headgear hiding what lurks beneath. The Red Pyramid Thing's butcher outfit is covered in blood as it slaughters anything that dares cross its path, raising its left hand to signal that it’s just about to strike before swinging its great knife to slice and dice.

Standing at a monstrous 18 inches tall, the Red Pyramid Thing has been carefully crafted in resin to authentically capture the iconic monster of the Silent Hill franchise, and features limited edition numbering. The base was inspired by the carpet in the boss room in Lakeview Hotel where James Sunderland has his final encounter with a Red Pyramid Thing and faced off with not one, but two of these haunting entities. On the back of the base are nine red squares, signifying the clickable save point you find just before entering the boss room in the acclaimed survival horror video game.

Don’t be afraid, let the limited edition Red Pyramid Thing into your home before it disappears back into the darkness.