“What the hell is it? Whatever it is, it's not human.”

Delve back into the horror of Silent Hill 2 with the Bubble Head Nurse & Red Pyramid Thing Deluxe 5-Points 3.75” Action Figure 2-Pack by Mezco Toyz.

This horrifying deluxe box set features both the Bubble Head Nurse and the Red Pyramid Thing, complete with a diorama depicting two unique decaying Brookhaven Hospital sections for a terrifying display. Your worst nightmares have become personified as the horror of Silent Hill lurks behind every door, around every corner, and at the end of every dark corridor.

Each figure in the box has been designed in Mezco’s unique 5-Points style, which blends modern articulation with the look of yesteryear for detailed action figures with a retro twist. This incredible set also features a great variety of character-specific accessories to create some scenes of pure horror in your collection.

What’s in the Box?

One (1) Bubble Head Nurse: the shrieking and gurgling monster known for her spastic movements, outfitted in a nurse’s uniform and comes with two interchangeable right arms, both of which can hold her rusted pipe accessory
One (1) Red Pyramid Thing: the executioner and manifestation of James Sunderland's desire for punishment, outfitted in his signature weathered smock and comes with two interchangeable right arms, both of which can hold his Great Sword or Great Spear accessories

One (1) rusted pipe
One (1) Great Sword
One (1) Great Spear
Two (2) display bases


One (1) double-sided diorama featuring the decrepit halls of Brookhaven Hospital on one side, and the nightmarish basement of the hospital on the other side.