Rubik's Perplexus Fusion 3 x 3 unites two mind-challenging puzzles in one! Roll the steel ball to the START space and twist the Rubik's Perplexus to align the tracks and manoeuvre the ball through the inner maze. Roll past increasing numbers along the track on your way to the finish line without falling off the track. Put your skills to the test. Complete the Maze, Complete the Cube!

Twist and turn the Perplexus on your way to solving the ultimate puzzle.
Make it through this intricate labyrinth, where dozens of barriers increase the challenge.
Rubik's Perplexus Fusion's size makes it the perfect take-anywhere puzzle for on-the-go fun.
A quick learning curve allows for an easy start, but you need to build up your skills to be a master.
Notes & Tips:
Recommended for ages 8yrs and above.
Choking hazard: Contains small parts.