The cutest range of Micro Craft projects has now been added to the Real Littles range! If you or your child love creating and making crafts, these adorably small craft kits are for you! These cute Cases are filled with mini surprises to create your favorite craft activities! There are 6 different crafts to collect, and all of them are DIY!

Collect a DIY color Backpack, Canvas Art, Fizz Bomb, Glitter Globes, Light Box, and Unicorn Terrarium!
Each project is so detailed and great fun to make. Plus they all really work!
Each Crafting Case comes with its own Clip so kids can hang the Case onto their school bag or jeans!
Real Littles are "Things You Love Made Micro"!
So Many Different Crafts To Collect! There are all types of different Real Littles crafts for kids to create and collect! There's a micro backpack that comes with micro markers for them to color in. Canvas art with real little paints. A Unicorn Terrarium that's so cute and so tiny and can be hung on a tree or in a bedroom. There's a tiny Glitter Globe that has real floating glitter inside! Mini Fizz Bombs that kids can mold into shell and heart shapes that actually fizz and dissolve in water! There is even a DIY Light Box that really lights up your child's message!

Cute Reusable Storage! Each micro Craft Kit come inside a very cute mini Crafting Case. The Cases come in different colorways and have individual handles and clips that are themed around what's inside! They make great storage Cases for small items like jewelry or other tiny collectibles!

Ages 6+