Create and customize your very own squishy characters with Rainbow Jellies! The 2-Pack includes everything you need to make two Cuties, Safaries or Softies Rainbow Jellies (2-Pack style may vary, each sold separately). Inside this DIY squishy kit, you’ll find super cute cloud molds, faces with adorable expressions, fluffy rainbow hair, keychains and two colors of magic goo to give your characters their special squish! It’s so much fun to make Rainbow Jellies, and how you choose to customize them is completely up to you! Pick one of the faces and a rainbow section of hair; attach them together and put them inside one of the cloud molds. Close the cloud and fill it up with one color of magic goo. Let the cloud work its magic for 45 minutes, then open up the mold to reveal your glittery custom-made Rainbow Jellies character, just for you! Remove your Jelly from the mold and give it a squish – it’s so cute! Mix and match elements from all of the 2-Packs and the Surprise Creation Kit (each sold separately) for even more squishabilities! Collect, trade and wear your Rainbow Jellies! Keep a character inside a cloud, clip on a keychain and carry your jiggly friend with you anywhere you go! What Jellies will you make with the Rainbow Jellies 2-Pack


Includes everything you need to make 2 of your very own custom-made Rainbow Jellies – glittery, squishy, totally adorable collectible characters!
In every 2-Pack, discover cloud molds, cute faces, rainbow hair, keychains and glittery magic goo to make your own Jellies! Mix and match to customize your unique squishy characters!
It's fun and easy to make Rainbow Jellies! Choose a face and hair and put them inside a cloud mold, close it up and add the magic goo! In 45 minutes, you’ll have a super cute Rainbow Jelly, just for you! What Jelly will you make?
For kids aged 6 and up. Create your own squishy collectible characters with Rainbow Jellies!