How does pre-order works?

- To pre-order an item, we require a 50% deposit based on the full price of the item. Once deposit is paid, we will secure your allocation of the stock quantity. When the item is ready to be released by the manufacturer, we will then notify you. You can arrange to collect the item from one of our stores or organise shipping. If you choose to collect it from one of our stores, you can pay for the remaining balance owed at the store upon collecting the item. If we need to ship it to you, we will send you an invoice with the remaining amount owe on the item plus shipping cost. Once that invoice is paid, we will ship the item to you and notify you with the tracking details. Please choose carefully as cancellation on pre-order items are not permitted and deposit is non-refundable!


Why Pre-Order ??

- There are many benefits by pre-ordering with us.


- You are guaranteed the allocation of the product(s) - many times we sell out on pre-order.


-You are guaranteed the price that is advertised. Should the dollar collapse and the price goes up, (when it arrives at our shop), you still get the item at the original advertised price.


- Should our dollar improve, and the price goes down, (when it arrives in our shop), you will get it at the lower price.



When will I receive my Pre-Order ??

- We will try our best to have the item, same day, or as close to same day release as Japan. Once the item(s) arrive in our stores, we will contact you straight away.


- We will arrange for either pick up at either store or shipping, and we will send an invoice.


- On rare occasions, some pre-order items are delayed in production, we will endeavour to make sure that we obtain adjusted release dates.

Where is my Pre-Order, I have been waiting a long time to receive them ??

Pre-order is different from back order, a lot of people get this confused. Pre-order means that the manufacturer is still making the actual item, meaning that they are in the process of making them, while back order means that the item is already available, we just need to order it in.

Think of it as when you are pre-ordering the next Gaming Console, they received your order early so when the actual product is ready, you are guaranteed your copy. It is exactly the same with anime figures. The manufacturer usually announces their future release products 6 to 12 months early. Then they start accepting orders from customers, once the item is ready, we will contact you and you will receive your copy.

We are not holding off on sending your order, we are as much waiting for them to finish making them as you are waiting to receive the product.

Unfortunately, delays are common in pre-order items. Especially during this global pandemic that we are experiencing right now.

1. The factories were ordered to close for 4 months last year due to the outbreak overseas, this has resulted in a huge backlog of productions that they need to catch up on.
2. Japan has stopped all cargo shipping by air, all of our shipments have to come by sea, which takes an extra 2 months.
3. Sydney Port is heavily congested due to the large amount of shipments that come by sea.

Unfortunately, all these factors above have caused an extra delay on the arrival of preorders items.