Challenge your friends to a battle with the Throw ‘n’ Pop Poké Ball Duel Set!

This set comes with an Attacking Pikachu 2-inch figure with a Throw ‘n’ Pop Poké Ball and a never-released Throw ‘n’ Pop Repeat Ball with a 2-inch Cubone Figure! Load the Pokémon figure into the Poké Ball, close it, and get ready to throw your Pokémon into battle!


Toss the Poke Ball onto the table…Upon impact it pops open, launching the figure into action!
Whoever has the Poké Ball with the most stars on top wins!
How strong is your attack? Throw your Pokémon into battle and challenge your friends with the Throw ‘n’ Pop Poké Ball Duel Set!
Suitable for ages 4 & up