POE’S X-WING FIGHTER is produced based on digital data from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It includes a full function remote with dual joysticks for easy maneuverability and high speed action. Take control of the remote to pilot the X-wing fighter for your next mission. Send instant or pre-programmed commands via remote control! Use the 10 buttons to program over 1000 action combos! SPECIAL FEATURES: - Bring the X-wing to life with infrared remote control! - Command the X-wing in all directions: forward, backward, left and right - Pre-program commands and press go. It follows your instructions! - Tilts and turns! - S-Foils open and close just like in the film! - Laser Cannon blasting recoil action! - Lights up as it moves! - Includes instruction guide - Approximately 13” long. - Try Me packaging


Series: Star Wars
Character: Poe's X-Wing Fighter
Size: 33 cm = 13" long