ReAction figures celebrate the iconic 3.75" action figures from our childhood. The classic size and sculpting style is simple, allowing Super7 to go all out with their imagination when designing these unique figures. ReAction figures continue that nostalgic form factor, making the figures that we wished we had while growing up.

Arriving from the mind of Charles M. Schulz is the new outdoors-themed range of Peanuts ReAction Figures from Super7!

The Beagle Scout Snoopy ReAction 3.75” Action Figure features a highly classic aesthetic with simple articulation, designed in the iconic 3.75" size. While the figure has been designed with a vintage style in mind, its quality and construction is most certainly modern!

Snoopy and Woodstock are in matching hats and packaged on a cardback featuring art from the 1984 Mr. Sack comic storyline often cited by Schulz as a favourite.