From the basketball manga timeless masterpiece "SLAM DUNK"
Five members of Shohoku High School Basketball Club have appeared as figures !!

A lively figure has been completed with modeling and coloring under the thorough supervision of the original author, Takehiko Inoue.
Including the main character basketball man "Sakuragi Hanamichi"
Captain (C) "Akagi Takenori" of the national district
Three-point shooter (GF) "Hisashi Mitsui" who has achieved a splendid revival
"Miyagi Ryota", a powerful person (PG) with outstanding speed
And the rival of Hanamichi's life, Super Rookie (FW) "Rukawa Kaede"
Faithfully reproduce 5 unique Shohoku members in uniforms!
Precise modeling and digital printing on the face realize delicate expression.
With a size that is easy to collect with a total length of around 160 mm
 It is a one and only figure.
The package is a new sensation specification that imaged a basketball shoe box.

In addition, a set of 5 luxurious Shohoku High School basketball clubs
One and Only "SLAM DUNK"
Will also be sold.

As a set of 5 benefits
・ Basketball court image coloring pedestal included!
-Enclosed in a basketball package style special box!

Please take this opportunity to purchase it and enjoy it at hand.


Series: Slam Dunk
Character: Miyagi Ryota
Product Type: Fixed Pose / Completed Model
Material: pvc