Witness an epic clash between two powerful forces with the Naruto: Shippuden - Pain Vs. Naruto Pop! Moment Vinyl Figure. This captivating collectible showcases a pivotal moment from the acclaimed anime series, Naruto: Shippuden. Pain, the enigmatic and formidable leader of Akatsuki, faces off against Naruto Uzumaki, the determined and resilient protagonist. The meticulously detailed figure captures the intensity of their battle, with Pain's imposing presence and Naruto's unwavering resolve, making it a must-have for fans and collectors alike.

Standing at approximately 6 inches tall, this Pop! Moment Vinyl Figure features vibrant colors and intricate sculpting, bringing the dynamic scene to life. Pain's imposing stature and intricate costume design complement Naruto's determined expression and iconic orange jumpsuit. Whether displayed as a centerpiece in your collection or reliving the epic clash between these two characters, this Naruto: Shippuden - Pain Vs. Naruto Pop! Moment Vinyl Figure is a remarkable tribute to the enduring popularity of the Naruto franchise.


Series: Naruto
Character: Naruto Uzumaki
Character: Pain / Nagato
Product Type: POP! Vinyl
Material: vinyl
Size: 15.4 cm = 6" tall