Straightforward and collected even in times of immense stress, Tsuyu is highly responsible and mature for her young age. This resoluteness translates into a decisive and efficient use of her unique quirk which manifests as having an physiology similar to that of a frog.

Recreating this up-and-coming Pro Hero from the My Hero Academia universe, Tsuyu Asui makes her return as the masterfully stylised Tsuyu Asui SODA Vinyl Figure in Collector Can from Funko!

Each one of these stunningly designed SODA cans comes with an exceptional illustration of the character with vibrant colours and a sleek, gleaming finish. The 4.25-inch SODA Vinyl Figures inside each have the chance of being an extra rare translucent Chase variant!

Also included is a “POG" shaped collector card for fans to display proudly alongside this enthralling figure.

Note: Chase Variants are shipped at random. Receiving a Chase with purchase is not guaranteed, nor can it be requested.