"It's not all black-and-white. Most things in this world are in shades of grey. A blend of fear and anger. Which is why... I've gotta extend a helping hand."

Bring out your inner hero with the Izuku Midoriya 10” PVC Statue by First 4 Figures.

Inspired by the scene in My Hero Academia where Izuku Midoriya saves All Might from a falling rock wall during Class 1-A’s training to develop their ultimate moves, this beautifully crafted statue captures the pivotal moment in Midoriya’s quest to becoming a hero. It was at this moment that he realised that he didn't need to emulate everything that All Might did despite inheriting the Quirk "One For All" from him. All Might was a puncher, and Midoriya thought that he had to be one too even if his arms were severely damaged from all the training and battles he's been through. But Izuku finally stepped out of All Might’s shadow and made the Quirk his own by developing "One For All: Full Cowl – Shoot Style”... his ultimate move that strengthens his kicks by utilising the power of One For All!

Standing approximately 10” tall on a My Hero Academia themed base, the Izuku Midoriya statue has been crafted in quality PVC TF Ultra with vibrant painting to showcase the incredible level of detail based on the iconic art style of the show. The electricity effects enveloping Izuku Midoriya also glow in the dark, breathing even more life and emphasis to the power of One For All!

Don’t fall behind the class, shoot straight to the top with the Izuku Midoriya 10” PVC Statue in your MHA collection.