A wonderful Kotobukiya statue depicting Irisdina Bernhard from the Muv Luv spin-off series Schwarzesmarken. The Muv Luv universe is really big with a load of different games, anime series and several books. All of that started with an eroge that was later released for the different consoles in an all-ages version. With the storyline of Muv Luv Unlimited the BETA ("Beings of the Extra Terrestrial origin which is Adversary of human race") play the most important role. A very long name for the aliens that threaten to eliminate mankind. After being see on Mars and the moon they attack the Earth starting in 1973. Schwarzesmarken is a Light Novel showing a different part of the world during one of the alien attacks. Like you can guess from the German name it is based on German territory in 1983. In addition to the alien threat there is also a lot of political plots involved as the German Division is also a part of this parallel universe. Irisdina is one of the strongest fighters with black marks and is also called "the Ice Queen" because of her cold demeanor. This statue shows her in a more peaceful environment as the sits at the sea in a pretty sexy Bikini. The sitting pose really brings out her charms. In 2015 there is also a Visual Novel game about Schwarzesmarken coming to Japan so maybe there will also be figures for the other characters.


Series: Muv-Luv
Character: Irisdina Bernhard
Material: PVC
Scale: 1/7
Size: 13 cm = 5.1" tall