Product explanation
This work, which was serialized in "Young Magazine" in 1982, became an explosive hit due to its innovative worldview, design sense, and drawing power.
In 2002, Kaiyodo became a figure with the collaboration brand "K & M" with Movic.
A reprint was awaited afterwards. Modeling by Masahiko Kagawa, which is still overwhelming, revives in the “miniQ” series.

● PART.2 “Tetsuo”
・ Tetsuo and motorcycle
The awakened Tetsuo becomes the leader of the motorcycle team “Crown” that is hostile to Kanada.
・ Tetsuo-Fusion-
Tetsuo who suffers from the control of powerful power and whose body and spirit collapse.
・ Yamagata
A member of Kanada's motorcycle team. I faced the awakened Tetsuo but was killed.
・ Kay
A member of the guerrilla organization. A heroine who acts with Kanada who met by chance and confronts Tetsuo.