7 Cards per pack (Including 1 Sticker-Card)

Retail (7 cards per pack)

Individual packet:
6 base cards per Packet.
Possible cards of:
1 x Mirror Foil card 1:1
1 x Holofoil sticker-card 1:1 Packets (replaces a regular card)
1 x Limited Edition (1 per box)
1 insert (Content: unique code + loyalty or discount for UCL MA)
Total 192 cards to collect

Regular Cards

128 regular cards subjects – spot gloss with non-UV ink
54 UCL & UEL stars not included within the top 101 subjects list
Category: Stars of 2018/19
Can include Index 1-62 players
20 WUCL Players of the Season NEW
39 Players countdown rank from 101-63 in overall list
11 Collectors Team of the Season as voted on NEW
4 Young Players of the Season as voted by collectors by position: GK, DEF, MID, FOR NEW
Mirror Foil Cards

32 Subjects
Players ranked 31-62 with silver cold foil
Holofoil Sticker-Cards: Rainbow Foil plus cold foil blocking NEW

32 subjects:
30 Players countdown rank from 30-1 in overall list
Players 1-10 with silver cold foil
Stickers include match day action image with Topps Index Rank. Different design to cards
2 Golden Moments Cards with silver cold foil
Young Player of the Season (Voted by Collectors) NEW
Women’s Player of the Season NEW
Limited Edition Card = Holofoil Cards #3 plus cold foil blocking (Gold Based): Rainbow Foil

7 Limited Edition Holo/Foil card