Chase the Pteranodon and rescue it from danger! Time to evacuate! This Pteranodon needs rescuing from the erupting volcano but is a fast flyer, so help Owen and the tracker jump into the high-speed offroader and race across Isla Nublar to save it from danger. Retrieve its egg and fire the net shooter to bring the creature down. Then sedate it with the tranquilizer gun and prepare for your next mission! Stage a fast-action pursuit scene inspired by Jurassic World™ and help Owen and the tracker save the Pteranodon. This exciting LEGO® dinosaur toy play set features a high-speed offroader with a net shooter, tranquilizer gun, 2 minifigures and a Pteranodon figure. Features: - Features a high-speed offroader with a net shooter, storage chest for a dinosaur egg and 2 holders for the wrench and tranquilizer gun. - Pteranodon features posable wings and snapping jaws. - Also includes a tranquilizer gun with a yellow syringe. - Accessory elements include a wrench and a dinosaur egg. - High-speed offroader measures over 3” (8cm) high, 3” (10cm) long and 2” (6cm) wide. - Pteranodon stands over 1” (3cm) tall. Ages: 6 – 12 Pieces: 126


Series: Lego Jurassic World
Character: Jurassic World Characters