Step back in time to the golden era of of Glam Rock with the Alive II 1978 Tour Deluxe Pop! Moment Vinyl Figure 4-Pack! Featuring The Demon, The Catman, The Starchild, and The Spaceman redesigned in the iconic Pop! Vinyl style standing on stage, with spotlights, scaffolding, a drum set, and a fireworks spectacle backdrop in an array of colours behind them!

The band’s name rises above in lights and makes this unique collectible, which comes in a prepackaged case that can be hung on the wall or displayed in your music collection, a must-have for fans of this legendary quartet!

The Pops! inside are secured to the case to keep your display looking pristine. This Pop! Moment Deluxe commemorates Kiss’ record-breaking sold-out nights for the Alive II Tour, which went worldwide. Get your tickets and all-access passes to re-create your favourite Pop! Music moments!