"They shot him down, they shot him down, they thought he was a monster, but he was the king."  

First appearing in RKO Pictures’ 1933 film, King Kong quickly became of the most iconic figures of early 20th Century pop culture. Hailing from the fictional Skull Island in the Indian Ocean, Kong is a giant ape who lives on the island alongside a vast number of prehistoric creatures. When captured by an American filmmaker, the beast is taken to New York City, where he escapes, climbing the Empire Statue Building before falling to his death.
NECA have at long last added King Kong to their action figure line with this new 8” figure. An original take on the character by NECA, this figure features detailed hair and battle wounds across the body and head sculpts. Featuring over 30 points of articulation, you’ll have no trouble posing Kong in battle, and with two interchangeable head sculpts and pairs of hands, the display options are endless!