After having his home broken into and his dog murdered, former assassin John Wick came out of retirement for one simple reason, revenge.

We all know the John Wick movies are awesome, but wouldn't they be more awesome on VHS? Released as a 2022 San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive, the 7" Scale John Wick Action Figure comes packaged in a highly collectible retro-style VHS box.

With the appearance of an old-school VHS cover on the outside, opening the box reveals the action figure, a display base, pistol, and machine gun. The detailed figure takes on an accurate likeness of John Wick in his classic black suit from the first movie, as portrayed by the talented Keanu Reeves. Complete with over 16 points of articulation, it's also perfect for recreating his impossible stunts and combat poses.

"I need guns, lots of guns." - John Wick