After awakening from thousands of years, they cyborg monster Gigan returns! No other monster has an arsenal quite like this part-monster, part-robot. From the buzzsaw stomach to the vicious blades on each arm, Gigan is as deadly as it is determined—to beat Godzilla, that is! From the 2004 film, "Godzilla: Final Wars."

Masterfully capturing the cruel and furious might of the iconic monster, Gigan, Playmates have recreated this remarkable cinematic staple as the Gigan Toho Classics Action Figure!

Highly articulated for a wide variety of poses and display opportunities, this 6-inch tall figure is finely detailed. Add it to your Godzilla collection today!


Series: Godzilla
Character: Gigan
Product Type: Action Figure
Size: 15.2 cm = 6" tall