Megahouse brings us a new Naruto figure in their G.E.M. figure collection and this time it is kind of a different statue of the main character. This is the Shippuuden edition of one of the first "Jutsus" that has been featured in the series: The Sexy Jutsu or Sexy Technique. This combination of a clone and a transformation ability is responsible for a lot of funny moments in the anime when it is used against male characters. It seems kind of silly in its execution but Naruto has had some nice success with the use of the technique. Who knows if Jiraiya would have started to teach him if it wasn't for the sexy jutsu. This version shows his female transformation scantily-clad in a devil costume while posing on the ground. You probably haven't seen a Naruto figurine like this yet so add him/her to your collection.


Series: Naruto
Character: Naruto Uzumaki
Material: PVC
Size: 22 cm = 8.7” long