What's more fun than walking a pet? Walking a pet that pees! Just connect the leash, give this feisty kitty a drink of water from her bottle, then take her for a walk. Ready to relieve herself? Just lift her tail to make her back leg lift! FurReal Peealots pets feature a connectible leash system that lets kids walk one pet, or their favorite pack! This peein' kitty comes with a detachable leash to walk her across a tabletop, as well as a connector to add one Big Wags pet or up to two Lil' Wags pets. (Other pets sold separately. Subject to availability.) So, who's ready for a nice walk?
Age: 4 years and up
Item Code: 65800
Approx product dimension(H): 19 cm
Approx package dimensions: 23 x 23 x 13 cms
Contents: pet, unassembled leash (2 rods, handle & connector), bottle & instructions
Adorable kitty who likes to walk and needs to pee
Help kitty pee by lifting her tail and watch her leg go up
Connectible leash system lets you walk one pet or walk a lot, and is compatible with Walkalots, Peealots, and other Poopalots pets, too (Each pet sold separately. Subject to availability.)