...Cloud...I'm glad...I could talk with last time.

Celebrate the legendary Final Fantasy VII Remake with the fantastic new Play Arts Kai action figures by Square Enix, featuring Rufus, Red XIII, Jessie, Yuffie, Sonon, and Cloud Strife so you can relive the magical moments from the beloved video game in your collection.

Jessie, the member of the anti-Shira organisation AVALANCHE, has come to join the adventure with this beautifully crafted figure based on her appearance in Final Fantasy VII Remake, capturing her charm and unique style in her metallic armour and bandana.

The fully articulated figure stands approximately 9.72” tall, and features interchangeable face pieces, allowing you to pose her while she’s smiling or winking, as well as various accessories including a machine gun, interchangeable hands and a figure stand so you can recreate the memorable moments from the game.

Jessie also comes with her motorcycle from the bike chase mini game, which has been recreated with incredible realism and accurate detailed, from the front and back lights to the muffler, frame and colouring. Furthermore, this awesome set also comes with an updated Cloud Strife action figure, who now has additional interchangeable hands to hold the motorcycle handles, so you can relive the scenes where Cloud and Jessie rode the motorcycle together.

Add the Jessie, Cloud & Motorcycle Play Arts Kai 10” Action Figure Set to your Final Fantasy collection.


Series: Final Fantasy
Character: Jessie
Character: Cloud Strife
Product Type: Action Figure
Size: 25.5 cm = 10" tall