Build Unit-01 in a night color scheme, Unit-02 γ, Unit-08 β, and EVA Unit-13 from the inside out with the second exclusive EVA-Frame set! This box features 10 different parts—internal frames, external armor, and 2 transport stands—to fully create each Unit and display 2 of them.

Box Contents

  • EVA Unit-01 armor set
  • EVA Unit-01 frame set
  • EVA Unit-02 (Gamma) armor set
  • EVA Unit-02 (Gamma) frame set
  • EVA Unit-08 (Beta) armor set
  • EVA Unit-08 (Beta) frame set
  • EVA Unit-13 armor set
  • EVA Unit-13 frame set
  • Option set A
    • Weapons set 1
    • Transport stand
  • Option set B
    • Weapons set 2
    • Transport stand
  • 4 Types of stickers
  • Instructions