Build your own adventures in time and space with these Character Building Doctor Who mini construction playsets featuring key characters from the hit TV show. The Doctor takes Amy and Rory to visit Apalapucia, not realising that the planet has been struck by a plague deadly to Timelords. When he and Rory are separated from Amy and stuck in separate timestreams, the Doctor must stay in the safety of the TARDIS – both he and Amy relying on Rory to save her. In a new timestream, Rory meets Old Amy, hardened by the time she’s been waiting to be rescued. When the Doctor finds a way to save Amy, at Old Amy’s expense, she refuses to help – until she remembers her love for Rory and the connection they shared. Highly detailed, double sided Character Building Doctor Who construction playset featuring sliding door and Handbot micro-figure. Compatible with all the playsets from the Character Building Doctor Who toy range so you can collect and connect!


Series: Doctor Who