Turn your home into Jurassic Park with this fun dinosaur lamp! Operating on a 6 volt adaptor with internal LED bulb, the dinosaur’s body lights up from within, making this low voltage T-Rex lamp a safe option for children’s bedrooms. Not only that, the low wattage and long life of the LED bulb make this lamp an environmentally sustainable and economic investment!

And in case you were worried, T-rex’s teeth are blunt, so no sharp bits whatsoever to hurt juniors. And seniors too. A fierce addition for children’s play areas.


Low voltage safety lamp
No exposed bulbs to hurt little hands and eyes.
Suitable as a bedside night light
Fierce addition to children’s play areas
Not a toy
Not suitable for children under 3 years
For indoor use only

6 volt adapter
Internal LED bulb
Approx 23 cm tall