You've relied on CoComelon to babysit your children in front of the television, but now you can get them to babysit without the need for screen time, courtesy of Funko's new CoComelon Pattern Party Game!

Go for a spin with JJ and the CoComelon crew! Spin and match the character, colour, shape, or pattern.

Each player gets their own spinner, and whenever someone spins SWAP!, you all switch spinners! Spin, match, and play at the Pattern Party!

1. Spin to find out where to play
2. Land on SWAP! and everyone passes their spinner
3. Match the squares on your card to win!


1 x Game Board
4 x Spinners
4 x Goal Cards
64 x Tiles
1 x Instructions

For Ages 3+, 2-4 Players, Approx. 20 mins.