Let it Rip with beyblade Burst, the third generation of the popular beyblade franchise! Play against your friends or join the battle at our tournaments to test to your skill.
Takara Tomy !!!

B-158 01: Burn Phoenix Yell Wedge (Prize)
B-158 02: Grand Dragon Aero'Lift Flugel Go (GT Ver.)
B-158 03: Rock Dragon 5 Jaggy' Sou (GT Ver.)
B-158 04: Poison Hydra 8'Angle Fusion' Gen (GT Ver.)
B-158 05: Knockout Odin 12 Operate' Ten (GT Ver.)
B-158 06: Bushin Ashura 13 Anchor Sen (GT Ver.)
B-158 07: Cho-Z Valkyrie 3 Guard (Gold Ver.)
B-158 08: Shining Amaterios 0 Destroy' (Burning Ver.)


Series: Beyblade
Product Type: Toys