It all comes down to this.

Titans have broken through Wall Maria and are heading for the supply depot in Trost. If the depot falls, all the resources needed to continue fighting off these monstrous aberrations will be destroyed and all hope for the last remnants of mankind will be lost. It's up to you and your team to fend off and fell the Titans before they can succeed. Are you ready for the last stand?

During each round of the game, the Titan player chooses two Attack cards to play: One face up and one face down. The other players then roll their dice and try to avoid these attacks, but knowing only what one of them is. The other will be a surprise, so players will have to use their wits to figure out what they need to avoid it. Protect your very lives and the castle walls to save the day.

Positioning is key. The Titan and the castle walls create a unique vertical playing surface. Move your character up and down as you see fit to avoid Attack, or tactically position youtself to land a devastating blow on the Titan. Your goal is to weaken the Titan so that it's susceptible to a kill shot. But what out! The Titan has lots of tricks waiting for you.


1 giant Titan Standee with 6 platforms
20 custom dice
1 buildable two-tiered tower
12 citizens tokens
4 wooden cannons
12 heart tokens
32 Titan cards
7 Tactic cards
4 Heroes cards
8 Player pieces