Bring to life the highly desirable and sought-after pets from the popular online game, Adopt Me!

With a double unboxing reveal, the anticipation builds! Unwrap the egg, then submerge it in water to remove the outer coating and reveal one of the 13 egg styles from the game. Each themed egg contains a 2” plastic Mystery Pet. There are 24 pets to collect in series two, including the Toucan, Turkey, and Ladybug! There is even a Legendary Golden Dragon chase figure!

Each Mystery Pet comes straight from your favorite game and, as a bonus, includes an exclusive Virtual Item Code, a collector’s guide, and an adoption certificate! These pets range in rarity from common to legendary, just like in the game, and are perfect for playing, displaying, and trading. Collect them all!

Ages 6+


Series: Adopt Me
Product Type: Trading Figure (Gashapon)