Breaking down the door of the hard-rock scene with their raw vocal delivery and heavy yet restrained instrumentals! Recreating the fiery grandeur of these Aussie rockers, Brian Johnson, Malcolm Young, Phill Rudd., Cliff Williams and Angus Young have been redesigned in Funko’s signature Pop! Vinyl style! Set on a recreated stage with spotlights, scaffolding, speakers and amplifiers, cannons, and hats with devil horns!

The band’s name takes pride of place within the striking backdrop and makes this unique collectible, which comes in a prepackaged case that can be hung on the wall or displayed in your music collection, a must-have for fans of these explosive musicians!

The Pops! inside are secured to the case to keep your display looking pristine. This Pop! Moment Deluxe commemorates the unique style and unforgettable music of these true Australian icons. Get your tickets and all-access passes to re-create your favourite Pop! Music moments!


Series: AC/DC
Product Type: POP! Vinyl
Material: vinyl