Make up! Get on! Instinct liberation! (Wild Blast!) Real Moving Kit. Parts pack method without nipper adopts instruction manual of color! Start assembly right after opening the box! Once assembling is completed and switch is turned on it will move to real! Morphology changed and instinct liberation! (Wild Blast !) Medium-sized Zoids of ancient saber tiger species. You will move forward with a motor. In animation, the aircraft on which bacon boards. When you switch on it begins to move forward, head falls to 4 stages. The instinct liberation (wild blast) is done automatically, the two fangs (twin dust fangs) on the back are released forward, and move forward while moving the twin dog fang up and down. At the same time it opens and closes the mouth. It is possible to activate instinct liberation (wild blast gimmick) many times by manually returning the neck to its original position. 【Set contents】 Book of restoration, Link part (4), Eye part (2), Z cap (16), Rider figure, Graffiti label, WB unit, Mechanical unit, excavation pack A, excavation pack B

Requires 1 AAA-size battery, not included!


Series: Zoids
Product Type: Model Kit