Bring your Minecraft adventure to life as you search for Diamond Steve, Battle the Ender Dragon and mine for REAL Gold Dipped Treasure with Treasure X Minecraft Caves & Cliffs - Ender Dragon!

Take on 20 levels of adventure as you activate the End Portal and enter the End through the Ender Ooze! Break through the Crackle with your Pickaxe! Discover Diamond Steve in the Ender Sand and find the Dragon Egg Treasure!

Will you find REAL Gold Dipped Treasure? Craft your Minecraft Character of Diamond Steve and the Ender Dragon using the Aqua Stick Hearts for no mess, instant crafting. Your Characters will bond together in 5 minutes simply by using the Aqua Stick and water!

Then display Diamond Steve and the Ender Dragon on the Cliffs.

Minecraft fans will love to discover, mine and craft with this amazing Treasure X Minecraft toy Playset.

What's inside:

2 x Craft Characters
1 x Stand
2 x Tools
1 x Treasure
1 x Instruction Manual
Compounds: 14g Ender Ooze, 29g Ender Sand


Series: Minecraft
Series: Treasure X
Character: Ender Dragon
Product Type: Toys