Looking for a cool gift for your best friend? Or just looking for the latest TOPModel products? Then you've come to the right place! Create your own TOPModel with the TOPModel colouring books and become a fashion designer Become a playground fashionista with the TOPModel collection.Discover the entire TOPModel product world here! TOPModel Design Studio colouring book set with 30 pages for designing fashion outfits, colouring book with sticker sheet and much more Colouring book for creative minds. Design: Create your TOPModel Design Studio - Colouring book with pre-printed model figures on 30 pages Creative book includes 2 sticker sheets with accessory stickers, 20 different fabric styles for garments and a stencil Sticker book for designing and creative design your own outfits and fashion trends, with example templates for inspiration Dimensions: approx. 26 x 25 x 2.5 cm

For Ages 4-12 years