One of them tells bad jokes, one of them runs real fast, and one of them dresses like his enemy... and now they’re all coming to your DC Multiverse collection with this new wave of action figures by McFarlane Toys, featuring The Joker, The Flash, and Azrael.

In a freak lab accident, forensic scientist Barry Allen was struck by lightning and doused with chemicals, which gave him the superpowers of the Speed Force. Now he uses these powers to defend his hometown of Central City—and the rest of the world—from the forces of evil as The Flash! The Fastest Man Alive can run up the sides of buildings, across oceans, and around the world at light speed. He can also vibrate his molecules to phase through solid objects!

The Flash Rebirth DC Multiverse 7” Action Figure is based on his appearance in the DC Rebirth stories, featuring awesome detailing in 7” scale with plenty of articulation to pose however you want, and complete with six Speed Force bolts, a figure base, and a collectable art card with character artwork on the front and a biography on the back.

Add The Flash to your DC Multiverse collection.