Don’t worry, it’s not a big deal・・・Bet with me♥

“The Demon Sword Master of Excalibur Academy” is the smash hit light novel authored by Mr. SHIMIZU Yu that is serialized in “MF Bunko J” of KADOKAWA Corp. from 2019. Coupled with the cuteness of illustration by Ms. TOHSAKA Asagi of character designer, the total circulation of this work is beyond 7 hundred thousand already, and its comicalized version authored by Mr. KEIGEN Asuka is also serialized in “Gekkan Shonen Ace” of KADOKAWA Corp. from 2020. Then, after waiting for the best moment, its TV animation version has started to broadcast from Oct. of 2023. This is the great spotlighted media mix work.

We produce this figure of this work’s main heroine “Riselia Ray Crystalia” wears crimson bunny costume illustrated by Ms. TOHSAKA Asagi. Of course, the workmanship of her bunny costume using many transparent parts is so great, moreover, the special mention of this costume is taking up “Nip Slip Gimmick System”. You can flip up her bunny costume’s bra part・・・ we made a limit breakthrough gimmick on it. And you can enjoy her voluptuous butt sitting down on the casino table, her sextual body line emphasized by bunny costume, or etc. Take her on your hand and enjoy from various angles.

Furthermore! We are planning to launch other heroines successively! “Regina Mercedes” on Oct. of 2024, “Elfiné Phillet” on Dec. of 2024, they are wearing costume with “Nip Slip Gimmick System” of course. 3 kinds of casino tables can be combined, then you can enjoy same atmosphere of original illustration.
*Details of images and products might be different slightly.