The 8th of the KATANA Masterworks series from F-Toys is on sale! A total of 10 types with a lineup of 2 types each of the swords of Oda Nobunaga, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, and Tokugawa Ieyasu, who are the three heroes, and the spears of Honda Tadakatsu and Sanada Nobuyoshi, who are praised as great generals.
The swords are reproduced with a 1/8 scale blade and shirosaya, and a 1/12 scale colorful Koshirae. And the spears are reproduced with an 1/12 scale of over 200mm and a 1/8 scale spearhead.
You can display each item on the attached stand, and the sword can be sheathed and drawn.
The blade is based on existing data, and the shape and the ripples are realistically reproduced by foil stamping and painting. The details are beautifully molded, and as an ornamental miniature, you can enjoy a small exhibition on your desk. In addition, the manual contains commentary, allowing you to deepen your knowledge of swords.
You can enjoy it with your figures and plastic models. Enjoy creating your powerful scenes with these swords.


Series: Assorted Anime Characters
Product Type: Trading Figure (Gashapon)
Scale: 1/12