Get a delightful surprise out of the box! The Hot Wheels Super Rig Assorted Set contains hauling rigs with car sets designed for multiple ways to play. Kids will love to push the cars around, load them or hit the track for an exciting race. With a random sports car with each set, vehicle collectors will have loads of fun collecting and playing with different rig models.

Whether your child loves a giant skull rig with bone arms or a black haulier truck with red trim, this Hot Wheels Assorted Set provides plenty of radical rig models to choose from. Each vehicle has a 1:64 scale and features bright and dynamic detailing to tickle the imagination and prepare kids for action-pack road adventures.


Each Hot Wheels Super Rig vehicle comes with one random sports car.

Hot Wheels vehicles are on a 1:64 scale.

Collector's items come in different styles, colours and dynamic detailing.

Colours and details may vary..

Dimensions: 24 cm x 5 cm x 16.5 cm

Suitable for kids ages 4 years and older

Ready your little racer to hours of pulse-pounding action and stunts with this Hot Wheels Super Rig Assorted Set.