Snorlax, the Sleeping Pokémon. A Normal type. Snorlax eats over 800 pounds of food every day. As it begins to eat, it falls asleep and it sleeps while it eats. Its average height is a bit less than seven feet.

Squishmallows are made from super soft marshmallow-like, lovable plush. Their cosy polyester fibres make them machine washable and suitable for all ages. They offer comfort, support and fun! They can be used as a couch companion, pillow pal, bedtime buddy, travel mate, or a friend in times of need.

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Ages: 0+


Series: Pokémon
Series: Squishmallows
Character: Snorlax
Product Type: Soft Toy / Plush
Material: plush
Size: 51 cm = 20" tall