Philip The Horse/Nia The Pig  --------- FLIP A MALLOW !!!! TURNS INSIDE-OUT !!!!

Squishmallows are the adorably soft, marshmallow-like plushies that you need in your life. Made by Kellytoys to be the most huggable cuddle buddies around, they’re even machine washable to ensure they’re always ready for a long flight or road trip. 

The Flip-A-Mallows line features fun reversible plushies, giving you two lovable characters in every plush! Simply flip the Flip-A-Mallow inside out and swap between your favourite cuddly critters any time you like.

Philip enjoys a good game of hopscotch with his friends, especially Marco. He also enjoys taking pictures of his family and friends, which he will be doing this Valentine’s Day. Join him!

Nia is an excellent cook and specialises in vegan cuisine. She loves to sing whilst cooking and thinks her wonderful voice adds to the flavour of her dishes. When she’s not in the kitchen Nia enjoys swimming with her friends and making a splash!