First appearing in Fantastic Four No. 2 in 1962, the Daily Bugle has become an iconic company within the Marvel Universe, commonly known as the workplace of Spider-Man. While working here, Peter Parker famously impressed the owners by "capturing" photos of the illusive Spider-Man in action.

Thanks to Jada Toys, you too can capture the friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man as he slings his webs around the Daily Bugle. Compatible with Nano Metalfigs, the set is perfect for displaying your 2" Figures and recreating noteable scenes from the Spider-Man comics or movies. It includes countless details and looks great with realistic textures across the entire Playset, featuring Spidey's webs left behind on the sides of the building.

Bring your Nano Metalfigs collection to life with this stunning Spider-Man Nanoscene!

Includes a 1.65" Die-Cast Spider-Man Nano Metalfig. Set stands at roughly 6.25" tall.