Sega's Luminasta series of figures includes personas from popular shows and genres in unique, dynamic poses with an impressive level of detail so as to to stay true to the original design of the character. This new addition to the line features Kafka Hibino from the Kaiju No.8 manga.
Kafka Hibino is the main protagonist in the manga series, Kaiju No. 8. Kafka is a Defense Force officer and former employee of the Professional Kaiju Cleaning company, Monster Sweeper Inc. Once a Kaiju managed to enter his body, Kafka obtained the ability to turn himself into a humanoid Identified Kaiju. After transforming into Kaiju No. 8, Kafka gains immense physical strength and durability with a fortitude level of 9.8 making it the highest level seen so far.
Product Features
•    7.9 inches tall (20cm)
•    Made of plastic
•    Based on Kaiju No. 8
•    Part of the Luminasta series
•    Highly detailed
•    Non-articulated


Series: Kaiju No. 8
Character: Kafka Hibino
Product Type: Fixed Pose / Completed Model
Material: pvc
Size: 20 cm = 7.9" tall