Masked Rider Dark Kiva appears in the true bone carving method series!

A cloth cloak with wires allows you to reproduce expressive poses. The proportions of the main body reproduce the profound body shape as in the play, and the deep metallic red is beautifully reproduced even in coloring.

The metallic red of the whole body and the dull glowing gun metallic, which are the characteristics of Dark Kiba, are reproduced with the coloring unique to true bone carving. The [compound eye] part of the face, the eyes of [Kivat Bat II], the jewels of the body, etc. are realistically reproduced using clear parts!
Masked Rider Dark Kiba with multiple characters of King, Taiga Nobori, and Otoya Kurenai transformed. Each characteristic pose is reproduced with the styling unique to the true bone carving method. Pursuing modeling to the smallest detail such as Kivat Bat II of the belt and Fessle!
The bust parts can be moved independently on the left and right. This makes it possible to reproduce the pose at the time of the special move!
Reproduce the two cloaks on the back with cloth material. For the cloak, create a pose like using a wire and a fluttering expression during the action.


Series: Kamen Rider a.k.a Masked Rider
Character: Kamen Rider Dark Kiva
Product Type: S.H. Figuarts
Material: ABS and PVC
Size: 15 cm = 5.9" tall